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Friday, October 29, 2010

Blending for a Better You

Not All Blends were created Equal...?

That will be the last cheap joke of this article. Thank you, I understand that it wasn’t even that clever but I need to start somewhere.

To blend or not to blend that is the question..?

See what I did…..

Now that I got that out of system.....I’m here to speak the name of that which we dare not Utter …..The Vitamix. Yes, you know the one….The highly priced Cadillac of all blenders. But why? Why would you expect me to pay upwards of Five Hundred Dollars for a blender? Really Frederick? Do I really need that in my kitchen? Why Blend? I like to taste my Food! I’ve got a blender and it works fine!...yes yes, I’ve heard all these things when I begin to gloat with pure Pride of my Vitamix at parties. It's true I talk about blenders at parties. Well I’d love to tell you,” No, no you do not need it…..” But then I would be lying. And we know what happens to people who lie….yes. Explosive diarrhea. This is not a fact but my humble belief. All comedy aside….. If you care about your body, your overall health, optimal nutrition, saving time and money on food, and feeling like a Greek God.. and much, much more…….then please read on.

Let me get  technical first…. 
This high tech blender has a Variable speed control and high speed switch set blade speed from 11mph to 240mph and facilitates a wide range of food prep tasks, including four processes no other single appliance can handle - making juice, cooking soup, making ice cream, grinding grain. I’ve personally used the machine for all these tasks and it is amazing to watch.  In fact I’m selling my juicer….sad, but this thing does all tasks and makes no waste. You utilize ever piece of every item you put in. “that’s what she said”. It tears through whole veggies and ice, turning them into a smoothie in seconds. From a nutritional perspective, when the machine is on high it is literally breaking through the cell wall of the nutrient rendering it in a perfect bio-available form.  It breaks through the seeds of strawberries, nuts and even an avocado seed turning it to butter….with in these seeds are the power PHYTONUTRIENTS which wash the cells in body with powerful anti oxidants. It’s the next best thing to drinking the sun. Also you should note that through the process of mastication-(that’s chewing…lol...dirty minds)….your body cannot crew through the seeds of a strawberry. The only way to get it is these high-end blenders. other wise they end up whole, wasted and guessed it..i the toilet.

(* 1. Phytos protect the body and fight disease. One day while I was watching my garden grow, I wondered how plants stay so healthy. They don't wear sunscreen or a raincoat; they don't go to the doctor. The answer: they make their own disease-fighting chemicals we call phytochemicals - phytos for short.)

The blender vase or  Container is made of Eastman Tritan™ copolyester. it’s virtually unbreakable, chemical resistant and contains no BPA. This see-through, no-drip-spout container lets you witness the processing from start to finish, and it features raised calibrations so that you can easily measure ingredients in ounces, cups or metrics. For you this means when the container heats up, as other food processors do, no harmful chemicals are released into your food….yes, this is something we want to avoid.

 Inside: Hardened stainless-steel blades with both hammermill and cutting surfaces that break down the food and ice inside the container to ensure consistently smooth results. What does this mean to me? Well there are 2 other high-end blenders on the market…. one which you have probably seen an infomercial for repe'd through Montel Williams and one by blendtech. Each of these machines operate on a cutting blade only….while the vitamix has two blades which are sharp and 2 built like a hammer for smashing apart seeds and nuts. Rendering a smoother drink and a better tasting smoothie or soup.

Now we are getting into the nuts and bolts of this thing…. Motor base.
Approximately 2 peak horsepower Swedish motor, custom-designed for Vita-Mix, 120 volt, 60 hz, 11.5 amps
120 Volt for North American Use Only
High-efficiency radial cooling fan
Thermal protection system to prevent overload and burnout
Low-friction ball-bearing motor built to last a lifetime
Heavy-duty, hide-away safety cord extends 19 inches to 6 feet and has a grounded 3-prong plug
wear-resistant base.

Like I said before…the other model that even comes close to the Vitamix is the blendtech…which advertises a 3 horse power motor….well I wouldn’t I want a 3 horse over a 2? Again in advertising, a deceiving tech is used to fool you face! The blendtech has 3 horsepower merely to keep it running cool…it’ never uses the full 3 horsepower. The Vitamix has a cooling face and a burnout resistant base, which does the task but using less power and less electric current. Thank you science. 

Ok, If your still reading through the boring technical section of this article then I have to throw you a little shout out the growing number of people naturally treating themselves in the raw food vegan community and seeing results through optimal nutrition and the vitamix. In western medicine we commonly treat the symptoms but not cause. Food is something we put into our body every day. The cumulative effect of a diet over a span of a lifetime is one of the few things we control over. I know we are a milk and potatoes and red meat society, and I’m not asking anyone to change over night. But why not take a chance and start the day with a healthy green smoothie, or  a lunch with some home made hummus, or a batch of healthy sweet potato soup. Maybe you’ll replace that addiction to McDonald’s with your own power drink and have more energy to do what you were meant to. Too deep? Anyways I could talk forever about why I think everyone should buy one of these machines. As always I’m always available for questions. Incidentally I bought a refurbished model for 370 bucks and they split it into 3 payments…..what!? I have never felt better, more energized, or more full of zip in my life.  Also...370 is equivalent to three pair of designer jeans and tank of gas...and This thing will add years to your life! So…I’ll close with a few testimonial letters from people who have had some pretty amazing results with their machines. All my best…happy blending!

Michelle: dear Vitamix,

My husband had throat cancer and needed pureed foods and had a feeding tube for 4 months. The Vitamix, I believe, was a life saver! A friend had bought it for us. My husband, Greg, could get good organic food in him to do all the repair work his body needed in an easy way. Now, he is clean, healthy and continues to make power drinks every day! 

My husband continues to amaze the doctors of his speedy recovery. Greg’s body has been built back up in such a strong way that he’s healthier than he was before he got sick. 

I like being able to use the whole foods in its raw state, thereby getting all the fiber, nutrients and enzymes to improve and enhance our health. The Vitamix saved me time—I work many hours and being able to literally throw the food in the machine and flip a switch was great! I’m a real advocate of your machine and we’ve sold many people on the machine. I’ve given many recipes out to people that own it and have given mini classes on it."

"Dear Vitamix,

I had arthritis so bad I could hardly walk. Then I started making whole food juice in the Vitamix. I juice oranges, apples, bananas and pineapples every day.
I juice vegetables too. Now I do not take any medications, laxatives, or anything and I have no problems walking. I have had my Vitamix for over 6 years and there is no comparison.
I can’t put a price on what the Vitamix has done for my health."
Dear Vitamix, 

Vitamix receives many compliments from satisfied users, but I wonder how many can say that whole foods prepared in their Vitamix actually helped save their life? I’m writing to tell you how strongly I believe it has been a major part of a near miraculous recovery from concurrent bouts with advanced cancer and heart disease.
In November 2000 I was simultaneously diagnosed with malignant melanoma and heart disease. The cancer was already at stage IV in the lymph system. The heart diagnosis showed 100% blockage in two arteries and 70% blockage in the other two. Six bypasses and three cancer surgeries followed in the next 32 days. The cancer and heart physicians wanted to put me on chemotherapy –interferon– a draconian treatment with minimal success rates.
I believed that God would heal the cancer and chose natural treatments instead of chemo or radiation. At first I tried chewing my way through the health maze, but it takes a special person who can sit long enough to eat more than 1 raw carrot. So I transitioned to juicing, but each morning took a half hour of rinsing, cutting, pushing, pulping, scraping and washing up just to get a small glass of juice. Plus, I was throwing out the most beneficial part, the fiber.
Then I heard about Vitamix, first, on the internet then at the home show. Your representative and the demonstrations were terrific and I practically ran home that night to start using my new Vitamix. For a week I experimented with heart & cancer formulas until I came up with the recipe that I now use each day. It includes healthy fruits, vegetables and supplements, tastes delicious, and actually fills me up so that I can skip an entire meal.
The results have been nothing short of miraculous. Through exercise, nutritional foods prepared in the Vitamix, and God’s healing grace, I’ve fully recovered from both maladies.
Now my day includes one to two Vitamix meals. Breakfast is a juice & veggie drink: 2 medium carrots, an apple, a wedge of cantaloupe, and maybe a banana or strawberry. Then a half tub of yogurt is spooned in, followed by a scoop or two of protein supplement. To help the mix, I usually pour in a cup of orange or pineapple juice, and always follow with ice cubes. Lastly, I toss in my “medications”, an aspirin and a fish oil capsule. After two minutes of mixing, I enjoy a delicious drink that feels so healthy I can picture it nourishing my body as it goes down.
It only takes 5 minutes to prepare, including the famous Vitamix quick rinse clean up And if time is short, I pour it in a go-cup and drink breakfast in the car on the way to work. A Vitamix breakfast is thick enough to feel satisfied until lunch, which was never the case with juicing. In the time it took to labor through chewing one carrot, I can drink an entire medley of fruits and veggies. An additional benefit is that the drink makes nearly a half gallon, which leaves some to store in the refrigerator for later in the day. (My doctor insists that each day a fresh drink is made from “living” vegetables and no leftovers.) Vitamix meals are so inexpensive that our grocery bills have actually gone down and my family shops the outside aisles now instead of the prepared food sections.
The results? Heart wise, I’m back working, running, and playing tournament tennis. My weight returned to normal and blood pressure and cholesterol readings are near perfect. And the melanoma? Regular CT scans and MRIs came up with almost flawless images. Less than eight months after surgeries, I played a two day tennis tournament (at 104 degrees!) and last winter I won the racquetball league championship at our local YMCA. What a great 55th birthday present! Life and Health!
From the beginning I believed that God could -- and would -- take care of me. It was accomplished through His miraculous healing, exercise, and nutritional eating with my Vitamix. So if someone ask me, “Can whole foods preparation in the Vitamix help a person recover from cancer and heart disease?”, I can wholeheartedly endorse it as a major part of my recovery."
("Lunch or dinner is dairy. Skim milk, soy powder, a tub of yogurt, about half a cup of various cereal favorites, and ice cubes. These are big meals, at least 32 ounces, yet they cost less than $2.00 each. And cleanup is a quick rinse – no pulp, stains, or dried yuck. If I’m in a hurry, it can’t be beat. The third meal is anything from burgers to peanut butter to pizza. No worries, and no problems with weight.")