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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Be a super Hero with Immunoglobulin

Alright…I know it’s been more than a fortnight since my last entry but Let’s face it, sometimes life takes over and we can’t always engage in the simple joys that make us feel whole.  Luck for myself…and even more so for you… that time has come to an end. So I am back with an exciting new product and I‘ve been using for almost a month. Crack. No…that is a lie. Moving right along…now I know most of you would say I have a flair for the I am in the arts…I would consider this a correct statement…but this new protein I have been on is changing my life. I literally feel like I could lift a car ( ask the girls I lift over my head in a current production of Damn Yankees…there is no hesitation).  I have always been one in the past who is not a big fan of over head lifts, but I’m currently doing 4 a show times 6 shows a week, 24 lifts a week over the head. you can see, it has not hurt my math capabilities.  And I feel great. Ok, enough bullshit…I know your now chomping at the bit for me to name this wonder tonic…well since you ask so politely…I’ll say it: Immunoglobulin protein. Now one time really slowly  Imm-uno-glob-ulin ......
Let’s get technical baby! So Immunoglobulin are antibodies – proteins that your immune system uses to fight against intruding viruses and bacteria. Over 60 clinical studies have been published on the therapeutic effects of Immunoglobulin.
Check this article from the journal of American medicine:
This type of protein is a relatively new advancement in the market of protein supplementation and as always there is one company leading the way! they offer many wonderful products containing the immunoglobulin protein but my favorite and the most beneficial for professional; athletes…is the I .N. Extreme Energy™ (formerly called Protein Extreme Energy -)
It’s an all-natural supplement for high performance athletes that provide the cellular energy and fast recovery you need to excel, time and time again. I.N. Extreme Energy works to cleanse and recharge your cells. Healthy cells are the foundation to a healthy body, and translate into more everyday energy, better sports performance and faster recovery. While the results are immediate, the benefits of taking I.N. Extreme Energy are enduring, keeping you energized and healthy for long-term success.
This next bit is taken directly from the web site…but I could not say it any better than they could!
Energize, Fortify, Protect and Cleanse your Cells with I.N. Extreme Energy
I.N. Extreme Energy is designed to promote healthy cells through at least four channels:
1. Energize your cells by building your electron transfer system and the fuel for cellular energy
2. Fortify your cells by countering free radical damage and destructive molecules that can lead to muscle fatigue, DNA damage and lower energy production.
3. Protect your cells by supporting a healthy inflammatory response and stem chronic inflammation that can damage cell and joint function.
4. Cleanse your cells by unclogging cellular receptor sites at the ’docking stations’ where cells receive nutrients, which can get easily overloaded and harm cell function.
“It provides two and one-half times the Immunoglobulin G (IgG) found in colostrum, and fifteen times that found in whey isolate. IgG responds against pro-inflammatory cytokines, binding to pathogens and protecting the body from their effects. It has been shown to reduce pro-inflammatory cytokines by up to 95%, resulting in significant improvement in colon health and a systemic reduction of whole body inflammation. This is especially significant when you consider that 75% of the diseases linked to aging are caused by inflammation initiated in the colon.
Insulin Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) is structurally similar on a molecular level to insulin, and has an anabolic effect in the human body, improving lean muscle mass. IGF-1 has been shown to activate pathways that stimulate cell growth and multiplication, inhibit cell death and regulate cellular DNA synthesis. It also increases the transport of amino acids into muscle cells throughout the body. According to a 2007 study from the Netherlands of 376 men between the ages of 73 and 94 years, those with higher levels of IGF-1 lived longer and had a lower risk of cardiovascular complications.
Transforming growth factor-beta (TGFB) is anti-inflammatory, and is an important regulator of the immune system.
As a protein source, our immunoglobulins are slowly released in the body after ingestion, preventing the kidney stress often associated with other proteins.
Overall, immunoglobulins have also been shown to help improve liver function, leading to a reduction in LDL (bad) cholesterol. A recent study found that men and women with moderately high cholesterol, 210 to 270 total count, had a 6% drop in total cholesterol after just three weeks of taking an immunoglobulin supplement. More importantly, LDL cholesterol, or the "bad" cholesterol most closely associated with heart disease, decreased by 7% while HDL, the "good" cholesterol, remained constant.

What I’ve felt:
Increased strength and physical agility in a little over a month. A more intense sound nights sleep. A better ability to focus throughout the day. Quicker recovery time from hard training days and an over feeling of good health!
This specific product is packed with anti-inflammatory elements such as turmeric, royal jelly, mushrooms caps, and coconut oil...all specifically balanced to heal your insides, and let your body then in turn heal itself. So it is in a perfect state as is....don't add fruit or milk or anything else...and please taking it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Give yourself about 20 mins. before eating anything else!
p.s. I recommend the coco flavor as opposed to vanilla!  

As always I am not a medical doctor…though I have played on onstage. These recommendations are purely that and please consult a physician before embarking on any extreme change in diet or exercise regime!

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